emerging artist highlight: opal


ARCHANGEL by Opal – 1/1 audio visual NFT
(owned by ARTCVLT)

meet Opal, a 3D wizard.

Opal has continued to deliver an unmatched level of detail throughout their digital renders since we’ve discovered them. Our 17 year old Concord based graphic designer friend has equipped a supernatural ability at executing complex textures. Opal astonishingly captures an elegantly morbid aesthetic effortlessly.

We’re beyond lucky to own one of their first NFTs.

How long have you been a designer? Is there a moment of time where it all started to come together for you?

I’ve been designing for a little over 5 years now, having first started to experiment with digital art back in late 2015… It’s been a journey full of uncertainty, and things only really started to gel together following an injury that had kept me distant from my typical life for a bit –and instead spending countless hours on art, really finding a passion for it… (This happened around 2-3 years ago…)

It left me really bummed at the time, and I felt like I was missing out on a lot of things… Fast forward to today, I couldn’t be more grateful. If it didn’t happen I wouldn’t have re-ignited my passion for design and creation…

What’s a driving force for your creativity?

I feel inspired to create by everything around me, whether it be other creators, music, or things that occur in my life… I’ve been creating in some way or another since I was super young, and my driving force has always been changing… From my youngest years I was trying to emulate my father, who teaches art… Although it was more of a subconscious drive, it’s how I initially fell in love with creating while trying to impress others with art… Nowadays, I’m driven by seeing a lot of my peers succeed, and even having the opportunity to meet so many artists who I had looked up to for the longest time. It pushes me to want to improve with every piece and one day be on the same ground as them.

What do you enjoy doing that helps keep you grounded?

With how things currently are, I’m not doing too much aside from art… Art and NFTs have been a huge part of staying grounded/busy during these difficult times, but when things are ‘normal’ I ground myself with sports, and school… I’m still very young and haven’t found many side hobbies but I’ve played a variety of sports growing up, and I’ve always stuck with soccer/football. I turn 18 in May and just finished up my last season in the fall. So moving forward it’ll likely just be art and NFTs.

Who is the ideal collector for your artwork?

Ideally anyone who connects with my work and really sees something in it. I also love when collectors have a plan for what they want to do with the art they collect… Recently, I’ve seen more and more people catering their work to specific collectors as NFTs continue to grow becoming more popular, but that’s never been something I want to do with my work. I’ve been trying to create art that tells a message and is an entrance to some of the things and thoughts that go on in my head… I’d much rather have a collector who recognizes this, and can find their own messages in the work, instead of having someone collect my art because I put an egg in it.

Did you think you would be selling your digital art in this way?

Never. I’m incredibly grateful for all the creators, collectors, curators, and platforms who have made this possible… Back when I heard about the NFT space, I had no clue what any of it was, or how any of it worked, although learning it all has been a blast, and a super fun journey… Learning more and more everyday.

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